Keep Your Garden Tools Rust Free With These Tips

Taking care of your garden requires a lot of maintenance. Several tools, such as shovels, shears and chainsaws, are used for various gardening jobs. Now and then, rust can form on garden tools, which can take away from a tool’s stability or the functionality of some garden machinery. Here at Gustharts, we’ve covered everything you need to know about cleaning garden tools and how to prevent your tools from rusting again.


How To Keep Your Lawn Fresh In Winter

Keeping your lawn healthy requires a substantial amount of time, effort and maintenance, especially in winter. However, there are several steps you can take to keep your lawn in pristine condition during the colder seasons. Here at Gustharts, we’ve covered everything you need to know to keep your lawn fresh in winter, from how often to cut your grass to winter lawn care! Table of contents How to cut grass When maintaining your lawn, knowing how to cut your grass properly is essential to keeping your garden looking neat. No... Read More


How To Keep Safe While Using Garden Machinery

Keeping your garden tidy requires a lot of maintenance, often with garden machinery. Using garden machinery can be dangerous if certain tools are not used correctly. Here at Gustharts, we’ve covered everything you need to know regarding  keeping safe whilst using garden machinery.


How To Care For Your Hedges In Winter

Hedges, like any other plant, require their fair share of maintenance in order to maintain your garden and keep it looking healthy. Here at Gustharts, we want to advise you on the importance of hedge trimming and how to take care of your hedges in winter. Table of contents The importance of hedge trimming To help take care of your hedges, it is important to know exactly how important the maintenance is. So why exactly is hedge trimming needed and what damage can be done if it’s left too long?... Read More

Stihl online policy changes!

Big news coming out of STIHL this morning with regards to changes in their online sales policy!  Until now, the shipment of certain products via online sales was prohibited and instead these products had to be collected instore with a personal handover. With immediate effect, this policy has now been lifted…… with the exception of a couple of items! “We (Stihl) are changing the rules around the shipment of products to allow you to ship all products, with the exception of chainsaws and spare parts, direct to the end customer... Read More

Safety information: RopeGuide 2010 and TwinLine

ART have received information about two incidents in short succession, according to which the casing cover of a RopeGuide 2010 (see instruction manual page 8 position 5)has fallen off. This is only possible if the locking screws (see instruction manual page 8 position 6) are not tightened properly. The missing casing cover may cause the load-bearing axles to fall out. In this case there is a high risk of unsecured falling for the user.  To avoid loosening of the casing cover with any other device, we strongly urge all owners of a RopeGuide 2010 or... Read More

Gustharts – 2018 Forestry Machinery Dealer of the Year!!

Last week founder of Gustharts, Robert Gusthart travelled to Oxford Belfrey who hosted this years Service Dealer awards.  We were shocked and delighted to walk away with this years award for “Forestry Dealer of the Year”.  Thank you to all of those who voted for us it means alot 🙂 Below is the Press Release from the event aswell as Rob being presented with his award. GUSTHARTS IS A UK DEALER OF THE YEAR 2018 Blagdon, Newcastle Upon Tyne forestry machinery dealer wins industry’s top award Gustharts, a family-run forestry... Read More


URGENT VOLUNTARY PRODUCT RECALL 11/03/2018 Subject: leg protectors for users of hand-held chainsaws mod. Climbtech γ (GAMMA) – production batch 01/2017 Product details: protection trousers for users of hand-held chainsaws mod. Climbtech γ (GAMMA) Product name: Climbtech γ (GAMMA) Part Number: AP-CTY Production batch involved in the recall action: 01/2017. Please note that this recall action is ONLY related to production batch 01/2017 and is NOT related toother batches. Production batch is clearly indicated in the product tag inside each pair of trousers. Dear customer, thank you for choosing our... Read More

Teufelberger Slaice Termination Safety Notice!!

Slaice Termination Safety Notice A safety notice has been release over night from Teufelberger relating to the Slaice terminations.  Please see the information below or view online here

Treemotion Safety Notice!

Treemotion Safety Notice A safety notice has been release over night from Teufelberger relating to the Treemotion harness.  Please see the information below or view online here