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We see standing still as a step backwards, which is why ART continues to imagine and develop. There are always new discoveries and new possibilities just waiting to be realised and integrated. Which is why, existing products and advances are not opposites for ART, but rather the logical consequence of efficient development.

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ART devices are commonly used by highly trained tree climbers and arborists because ART climbing equipment offers a broad collection of special gear used for working with rope. These devices are used to make tree climbing easier and safer and as ART continues to make new discoveries on how they can improve their devices and make climbing tree safer and more efficient, there are always new devices and equipment available. The word ART stands for Advanced Ropeclimbing Technology and these devices are used with the double rope technique.

ART’s devices like the positioner are comprised of components such as device body, rope grab, release handle and carabiner retainer. These components, in turn are installed with removable and secured elements. In this way, not only can damaged or worn parts be replaced, but also older models can be easily modernised. ART vows to continue to search for innovations to develop its products with great care. With ART’s innovative and energy-efficient equipment for climbers, working and climbing with rope is enjoyable and the daily challenge of professional tree care is noticeably easier.

When you choose ART products, you are choosing effortless, dynamic, modern and professional climbing equipment. ART offers a high quality standard, innovative solutions and unique design. Here at Gustharts we supply a wide range of ART devices, also including their spares, giving you the chance to swap older parts for newer ones to benefit you and your climbing ability. Our range of ART climbing equipment is the ideal choice for any professional arborist and tree climber as they make any tree climb easier and more efficient, they also add extra comfort for longer and complex climbs.

If you want any advice or guidance on how to use ART devices or how to put them together, our highly trained team here at Gustharts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or talk you through a device and the benefits that device can have on your climbing technique.

Our ART devices work well with the double rope technique as they make this technique easier, safer and provides a much more comfortable climb.