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Top-Rated Tree Surgery Ascenders and Descenders

Safely and efficiently ascend and descend trees and other vertical structures with our selection of climbing ascenders and descenders from top brands like Petzl, 4SRT, and Climbing Technology. Our ascenders lock off if weighted and move freely once clipped onto the rope, while our descenders work off friction to allow a smooth descent with the climber in control.

Whether you're a professional arborist or a recreational climber, we have the right ascenders and descenders for your needs. Choose from a variety of styles, including mechanical ascenders, foot ascenders, and descenders with different braking and rope handling options.


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Ascending and descending from a tree can be done easily if you have the correct equipment and know what you are doing. Our ascenders and descenders we supply here at Gustharts have been manufactured by brands such as ART, DMM, Petzl and many more. In our range we also supply belay devices and mechanical friction devices. These pieces of equipment are used to make a climb up and down a tree easily and comfortably.

Gustharts have a fantastic range of ascenders and descenders, designed to help you navigate safely and successfully up and down trees. Ascenders will lock off if weighted and move freely once clipped onto the rope. Descenders work off friction by applying resistance to the rope as it is passed through the device, this allows a smooth descent from the tree with the climber being in control. Our range of ascenders and descenders should be used by trained climbers and arborists as they can be technical and need to be used correctly in order to get the most out of their uses.

Here at Gustharts we provide a range of climbing equipment including ascenders which help aid climbers ascend into a tree safely and securely, we also supply descenders which climbers use to descend out of a tree. Another piece of climbing kit we supply are mechanical friction devices which are used to help a climber ascend and descend from a tree easily and effortlessly. Our range of friction devices have many features and are used by highly trained climbers and arborists.

As an arborist or a leisurely tree climber, ascenders and descenders are essential pieces of climbing equipment needed in any serious climber’s kit bag as they offer support and aid climbing up and down a tree. Arborists have a serious job of maintaining trees and ensuring they do not affect major power or telephone lines. As their job is becoming more popular and the need for them greater, climbing equipment is being upgraded and new equipment is being introduced to ensure the safety of climbers who are working within the tree branches.

With new climbing equipment creating different ways of ascending and descending a tree being introduced to the arborist community, knowing how to use the equipment safely is essential. Feel free to contact a member of our qualified team here at Gustharts to learn more about the equipment we have available.