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Climbing Spikes & Spares

Climbing spikes are used for gaining access, movement and positioning where the climber needs to maintain a secure, mobile connection with the stem. This is most advantageous when working on featureless, vertical or near-vertical stems. Spiking is not a stand-alone technique and should be utilised by trained arborists and professionals only. Climbing Spikes or “spurs” can vary in form manufactured from Steel, aluminium or even carbon fibre. We offer a wide range of manufacturers such as Distel, Stein, Bashlin and many more. Shop for your climbing spikes here online, then browse our climbing equipment, lowering, and rigging essentials online.

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Here at Gustharts we supply a wide range of climbing irons from leading manufacturers such as Bashlin, Distel, Stein and Treehog. Climbing irons are strapped onto the climber’s lower leg which includes a spike that protrudes from the instep of the foot. The spike can also be known as a gaff and is used to dig into the tree to offer support for the climber. Climbing spikes should only be used by trained arborists. To ensure the care for the tree, we advise you only use climbing spikes on a tree that is to be cut down as they can damage the cells of a tree.

Climbing irons help arborists ascend a tree by digging their spikes into the bark of a tree and they can be used to keep you stable and secure while working. At Gustharts we supply climbing spikes and spike spares. As spikes can be worn down when used frequently, it’s always advised to have spares available in your kit. Climbing a tree using spikes has been done for many years and the technique hasn’t changed, however this way of climbing a tree must be done by highly trained professionals as it can be a dangerous manoeuvre if done wrong. Here at Gustharts we supply a wide range of climbing irons, giving climbers more choice as to which spikes will be the best fit for the job.

Our range of climbing spikes are ideal for arborists wanting to climb a tree that is going to be cut down. As this is on the oldest tree climbing techniques around it has to be done safely and correctly. Our climbing irons come in a range of shapes and sizes allowing the climber to find the right pair that will fit them correctly and will ensure a comfortable climb.

Here at Gustharts we have a highly qualified team of climbers to offer you guidance or answer any questions you may have regarding our range of climbing irons. They can help you find the best climbing equipment for your needs.