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Climbing Spikes

Our range of climbing spikes have been tried and tested to ensure they are comfortable and safe to use. Even though tree climbing with spikes hasn’t changed for a long time our leading manufacturers are always trying to find new ways to make their spikes safer and easier to use. The spikes we supply here at Gustharts come from a wide range of manufacturers and come in a variety of different styles such as strap or velcro.

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At Gustharts, we stock tree climbing spikes in a variety of different brands. From Bashlin and Distel to Stein and Treehog, each brand offers a slightly different look. They range from £140 to £452 in price and we also have a few new tree climbing spikes to choose from.

The Bashlin arborist climbing spikes come in twisted shank climbing spikes and alloy climbing spikes. The shank climbing spikes kit consists of twisted steel shank climbers, 140 leather pads and 85N top straps. They are supported with 41mm gaffs and weigh 1565g.

The Bashlin Alloy climbing spikes are similar to the twisted shank climbing spikes but weigh 1170g when assembled.

The Distel climbing spikes come in either the Gecko Aluminium spikes or the Gecko Carbon 2017. With its lightweight climbing spike, the Gecko Aluminium is a bestseller. The shank is fully height adjustable with comfort padding and a cup and velcro around the leg. It comes with weaver leather ankle straps.The Gecko Carbon 2017 tree climbing spikes are new to the site and feature 4” wide comfortable velcro straps. It’s breathable, machine washable and there is a choice of either leather or velcro ankle straps. It has four height adjustable positions and a vibram rubber pad fitted for protection.

The Stein Arborist climbing spikes come in X1 twisted steel climbing irons and X2 lightweight climbing spikes. The X1 twisted steel climbing irons have been designed so the twist helps align the climber to the leg. It is height adjustable with comfort pads and replaceable gaffs. They weigh 1.5kg per side and it comes with large comfort pads, 43mm short gaffs, gaff guards and lower straps. The X2 lightweight climbing irons are similar to the X1 with velcro pads, 43mm short gaffs, gaff guards, lower straps and they weigh 2190g for the pair.

As for the Treehog climbing spikes, they are available in TH1003, TH1000 and TH1005. The TH1003 climbing spikes are lightweight with fully adjustable leg pads. They come with long and short gaffs and all the parts are replaceable. The TH1000 steel spikes are hardwearing and have comfortable leg pads with two sets of gaffs - long and short.