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Karabiners are used all the time for different types of tree work. They’re the connective element that holds all your climbing systems together. It’s exceedingly important, therefore, to know that your karabiners are trustworthy, strong and safe. All our supplied screwgate karabiners are made from aluminium or steel, which provide exceptional strength for your rigging systems.

Screwgate karabiners are a favourite connective type for tree climbers as the screw openings make it easy for clipping in gear. This means quick deployment in a situation, which is why they’re considered the best connectors for professional arborists and rescue teams. The screwgate karabiner needs to be manually locked by the climber prior to use, which requires some degree of technicality, so we recommend these for use by professionals, rather than beginners.

Gustharts’ screwgate karabiners feature all anodised parts for smooth operation and increased longevity, as they are protected from corrosion. Meaning that our karabiners will be long-lasting, despite the weather you’re working in. We ensure that the karabiners have snag-resistant keylock nose designs, so that they don’t slow you down when haste is essential. The gate design prevents ropes from being able to detach mid-climb, which is an element featured in all the karabiners sold by Gustharts.

We offer Pirate, Pirate WireEye, RockD and RockO screwgate karabiners, in different colours in curved or straight edge varieties. Modified oval shapes make it easier to hold and use, while symmetrical, straight edges improve karabiner positioning on the belt, so you can choose the options that work best for you. Gustharts’ karabiners come in different sizes and varied weights, which can be important factors for arborists. So check out the specifications featured on each product page to easily find the one that works best for your needs.

 Screwgate karabiners work great with any type of climbing ropes, and with these designs, you can rely upon them completely to retain the climbing rope securely. As arborists use a single climbing line, with no other fall protection, you really need to trust your karabiner to get the job done, which is why our selection offer the perfect pairing for tree care specialists.