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Arborist Rope Postioning Lanyards & Wire Core Fliplines

Gustharts' Lanyards, Fliplines & Accessories Department is your one-stop shop for all your climbing, tree surgery, and rescue work needs. We offer a wide range of high-quality lanyards, fliplines, and accessories from top brands like Stein, Teufelberger, and Notch Equipment.

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Our range of lanyards and fliplines are an essential part of any arborist climbing kit, as lanyards are used to temporarily hold climbers in position and provide a second attachment point for safety. Also included in our range here at Gustharts are rope lanyards, wire core fliplines, lanyard adjusters and accessories. All of this equipment should be included in any tree climbers kit if they are serious about climbing.

Our range of rope grabs, fliplines and lanyards are ideal for any arborist and tree climber as they are useful for many things. Rope grabs make working on any type of tree easy and safe. They are essential pieces of equipment, ideally used by arborists and climbers. Used together with rope vertical lifelines, rope grabs are designed as a fall arrest to help safely stop a worker if they should fall or slip whilst working high up.

Providing freedom of movement up or down on a vertical line, our rope grabs come in different types, from trailing models which allow hands-free operations or left/right handed styles to choose from. We supply rope grabs from leading brands such as Arbpro, Petzl and Stein. You can also find wire core fliplines, made with a tight snap-free construction, however this piece of climbing equipment is not chainsaw-proof and will easily sever a steel core flipline. Lanyard kits are available to order which include karabiner and connectors.

At Gustharts our main aim is to ensure you have the correct climbing kit to keep you safe therefore all of the items we stock have been tested to ensure their safety and usage capabilities. As tree climbing and arborist work can be extremely dangerous, we advise you to use a different coloured lanyard to your original climbing rope as this will make it easier for you to identify the lanyard when it is next to climbing rope whilst high in the tree.

If you have questions regarding our range of rope grabs and fliplines feel free to contact a member of our highly trained staff here are Gustharts. They will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or just give you general advice on tree climbing as a leisurely sport or an arborist as a career.