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The wide range of rope and kit bags we have available at Gustharts are suitable to be used by avid climbers, arborists and tree surgeons as they can be used to carry a range of climbing kit essentials such as climbing rope, harnesses and more. These bags have been specially designed to carry certain types of climbing equipment such as the padded Stein storage bag which is used to carry climbing spurs.

Arborists, tree climbers and tree surgeons know that looking after your climbing kit is essential as it ensures you keep safe whilst climbing trees. Using professional storage bags is a great way to protect your climbing gear whilst you are carrying it around and taking it to use in different locations. Our wide range of storage bags come in a variety of styles and sizes and have been made by leading climbing manufacturers Arbpro, DMM, Stein and many more. Each bag has a different purpose as to what they have been made to carry; however, they all come with adjustable straps making them economical to fit comfortably with your body whilst carrying them.

Finding the perfect storage bag is essential, whether you are looking for a climbing rope bag or a bag to store your tools. Here at Gustharts we supply a bag for every purpose. Each bag has been specially manufactured to carry specific items of climbing equipment and other bags are made to be able to carry all of your climbing equipment in one go. The range of bags we supply here at Gustharts have been made to be weather resistant as this protect the climbing equipment from becoming damp and not as easy to use when setting up your climbing set.

The climbing bags we have available come in a range of sizes and can hold different amounts of climbing equipment. With adjustable shoulder straps, you can adjust the strap length so that the bag feels comfortable to carry even when weight from the climbing equipment is added. Some of our bags can carry equipment such as climbing rope, harnesses and even climbing helmets, depending on the litre size you choose to purchase. The bags that have been made to carry rope are lightweight and weather resistant to ensure that none of the rope gets wet whilst travelling to different locations.

Here at Gustharts we have a dedicated and qualified team of climbers on hand to answer any questions about which climbing rope bag will be suitable for you or if you need a bigger storage bag to carry all of your climbing equipment.