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Tree Surgeon Swivels: Keep Your Ropes from Twisting and Tangling

Essential for tree surgeons and climbers, tree climbing swivels prevent ropes from twisting and tangling, making your climb safer and easier. Our range of swivels are lightweight and durable, and come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Whether you're a professional arborist or a recreational climber, we have the right swivel for you.

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Climbing swivels are great pieces of any arborist or tree climbers kit as they are ideal for eliminating twisted ropes within your climbing and rigging setups. Twisted ropes can create many complications for arborists at work and leisurely climbers, swivels are ideal for diminishing this problem as they swivel with the movement of the climber and help prevent any rope twist within the climbing setup. Swivels are an essential part of any climber’s kit as they are durable, lightweight and have been manufactured to fit with any size and shape karabiner.

Our range of swivels here at Gustharts have been made by leading climbing manufacturers such as DMM, Petzl and Rock Exotica. They have been created to withstand a variety of weights as they have been made using extremely strong, weather resistant materials. As an arborist may have to work in all types of weather having climbing equipment that is weather resistant is essential. Swivels are both quick and easy to install due to their lightweight and simple design, they are ideal to use to make for a far easier climbing setup.

Climbing swivels are an essential piece of any arborists or climbers kit bags as they help ensure a safe and easy climb as they work on keeping ropes from tangling and getting twisted. Due to their lightweight build they can easily be carried around and can attach onto any shape or style of carabiner. They come in a range of styles and sizes therefore giving you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right swivel for the job intended. With our range of swivels being made by leading climbing manufacturers they will be ideal for any tree climb by leisurely climbers or arborists working within the trees.

As our range of tree climbing swivels are used to keep ropes from tangling and getting twisted they make up an essential part of an arborist's climbing kit and with our Focus and Nexus swivels from DMM coming with replacement parts, keeping your kit up to date can’t get any easier. Here at Gustharts we supply brand new climbing equipment and as the equipment is always evolving into newer, safer and efficient products we will keep updating our products to ensure you get the best climbing gear.

If you have any questions regarding our swivels range feel free to contact a member of our highly qualified team here at Gustharts. They are more than happy to help give you advice as to what swivels do and why you may need one, which one will be the best for your climbing equipment kit and any other products you may need for your next climb.