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Throwline and throwbags should be an important part of any climber kit as they prove essential safety for a variety of outdoor uses. These pieces of climbing equipment are used to insert a thin line over a high branch within a tree. The use of a climbing rope is then used to tie to the throwline which is then pulled over the branch and back down to the ground, creating a safe line for the climber to then ascend into the tree.

Here at Gustharts we have a range of equipment to allow you to handle this technique including throwline, throwbags, throwline storage and catapults. Each piece of this equipment has been designed and produced by leading manufacturers such as Arbpro, Stein, Marlow just to name a few. Our catapults are used to allow you to get more of a reach with the throwline higher into the tree, it also allows more of an accurate throw. Our variety of throwbags available at Gustharts come in a range of weights, styles and colours; therefore, giving you a variety of choice.

Our range of throwline storage bags and cubes offer a great place to keep all of your throwline, throwbags and any other accessories you may have. They will protect your gear from any form of weather damage and will keep them all in one place. As climbing equipment evolves, the gear used for this technique is becoming more useful such as the throwbag has been made to be more aerodynamic - therefore allowing you to reach higher branches.

This climbing equipment is used to create an easy ascent into a tree. This equipment  can be used by tree climbers who climb for sport or leisure and they can also be used by arborists for their career. The equipment is used to loop a line easily over a branch and  then you can ascend into the tree safely and effortlessly.  Here at Gustharts we supply a range of equipment to help complete this technique; we also provide throwline kits which come with the equipment needed in one complete package.

Our range of equipment here at Gustharts allows you to complete a tree climb safely and securely with as little effort as possible. If you would like more information regarding our throwline, throwbags and accessories feel free to contact a highly qualified member of our team who will more than happy to help you find the right equipment for you.