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Rigging Karabiners & Connectors

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Heavy-duty steel karabiners are used by arborists across the country as part of their rigging setup and operations when moving and lowering branches from trees. These karabiners can hold a variety of heavy weights and can easily be attached to lowering and rigging rope and any other equipment that may be needed when doing this operation. The rope connectors we stock here at Gustharts can accomplish the same as the connectors and can attach climbing equipment used for rigging together safely and securely.

Karabiners can be used by many people within the climbing industry such as arborists and even rescue professionals, all depending on the karabiner model. Karabiners are light and incredibly strong, therefore, making these an essential part of any climber’s kit. Here at Gustharts we have a variety of karabiners such as oval and D shaped, some of which have a screw gate lock whereas other have an auto locking system. Our range of karabiner and rope connectors have been made by leading climbing manufacturers such as DMM, Stein, Petzl and Rock Exotica to name a few. These pieces of climbing equipment can be suitable for a variety of jobs when tree climbing.

These pieces of climbing equipment can be used to carry a vast amount of weights. The spine of the karabiner will let you know how much it can hold safely. These pieces of climbing equipment can be used to carry other protective gear on a climber's harnesses, connecting ropes to the harness and carrying a vast amount of weight. As these pieces of equipment come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can carry different amounts of weight, finding the correct one is essential to your safety as some karabiners and rope connectors have been manufactured to carry small weights whereas others can carry large weights.

These pieces of equipment don’t have to be used just for arborist work; they can also be used for caving, depending on which karabiner or connector you go for. Safety is essential when it comes to any sport, therefore, getting to know your karabiners before you buy one is key as they come in a wide variety of styles with different locks that are used for different aspects of climbing, caving and abseiling.


If you would like anymore information regarding our karabiners and rope connectors feel free to contact us as we have a dedicated team of qualified professionals who can help you find the right piece of equipment for you.