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Slings are used for many  reasons in the climbing world. If you know what to do with them, they can really help you climb more safely. In the past, climbers would make their own slings from webbing tied into a loop using tape or a water knot, now leading climbing manufacturers are making their own in a wide range of styles and types, all of which are used by climbers and arborists across the world. Today they are made from either nylon or Dyneema webbing which has then been sewn into a strong circular loop.

Webbing slings are extremely versatile pieces of equipment and are available in a range of sizes from 12mm to 24mm. Our range of rigging slings have been made by leading climbing manufactures including DMM, English Braids, Lyon, Marlow, Shizll, Stein, Teufelberger and Yale. Slings will make use of the trees features to protect the lead climber as they can be used to go around trees; they can also be used to tie directly to tensioned line using a prusik style of knot. A sling can also be used as an extended quickdraw which allows your rope to run straighter, reducing friction when climbing the trees.

There are many reasons why climbers should own webbing slings and rigging slings as they are used for many jobs and are extremely versatile. Slings can hold a vast amount of weight which  is why they can be used for a number of jobs when climbing and ascending trees. Slings are great to be used by leisurely tree climbers and arborists due to their many uses and durable build. We have a range of slings available at Gustharts such as adjustable slings, dead eye slings, round lifting slings and webbing slings all of which have a different use and come in a range of styles and lengths.

An arborist has to use many pieces of equipment to ensure they are safe when working in trees. The slings we have available at Gustharts can help with the safety of your climbing system if you know what to do with the slings. Slings are a great piece of equipment because they can be used for a variety of things within the climbing technique; they are the most versatile piece of climbing equipment and can be used when climbing trees and rock faces,. You can also use it when abseiling.


If you are wondering how else you can use a sling feel free to contact a member of our qualified professional climbers here at Gustharts. They will guide you through the different types of slings and what they can do when ascending and descending a tree.