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Arborist climbing winches and hauling devices are available at Gustharts which are great devices for safely getting arborist equipment to and from the tree safely without causing damage to the equipment, tree or yourself, the arborist. These devices aren’t only used for getting equipment up into the tree but can also be used for safely getting large pieces of tree limbs and trunk to the ground. You can choose a device which has a wire cable or, for lighter weights, you can take a look at the Rock Exotica Aztek Set.

The hauling devices we have available at Gustharts have been designed and made by leading arborist manufacturers such as ISC, Lug-All and Rock Exotica. The hauling devices have been designed in bright red and blue colours so they can be seen from distances as they are used to carry and haul large pieces of wood and machinery too and from trees, and,  therefore, could cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Their modern designs allows you - as the arborist - to complete your work quickly, efficiently and safely due to their easy to use crank handle.

All of the equipment on this page here at Gustharts can be used as part of lowering larger branches and trunks from trees to the ground safely as the equipment can hold large weights due to their strong build and cable lines. For lighter, smaller objects such as chainsaws and other light machinery we have arborist climbing winches and hauling devices perfect for your arborist job. We also supply a range of accessories to help with the hauling of machine equipment and tree limbs, and also replacement parts for the arborist climbing winches.

All of our equipment comes with a part by part manual which describes what the piece of equipment it and how to use it. We do advise that you are a qualified arborist and know how to use the pieces of equipment before using it on a job. Some pieces of the equipment can be used by attaching around the tree whereas others, such as the rope grab, are used to attach onto the climbing rope safely and securely. These hauling devices will make your job a lot easier as all of the heavy lifting will be done for you as all you have to do is use the handle to wrench the heavy objects.


If you would like more information regarding the equipment on this page then feel free to contact a member of our arborist team here at Gustharts. They have a lot of knowledge about the equipment and how’s best to use it.