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Here at Gustharts, we like to sell only the best quality products, that’s why we have chosen Bacho to sell the bowblades that we provide on our site. Bacho is a company that creates their products to the quality that we require, therefore, we have decided to sell their products. When it comes to bowsaws, there are so many areas that it can be used. The ideal user would be a tree surgeon as they have many specific jobs that this type of blade can help out a lot with.


As a tree surgeon or lumberjack, you would use this blade for cutting off branches of larger trees in order to retain the space in the area. You can also use this blade for pruning or cutting larger branches. The diversity in use of this blade is due to the fact that the serrations in the blade make it precise, sharp and heavy duty. The combination of sharpness and durability makes the blade so useful for a multitasking individual.


One of our favourite types of bowsaw blade is the “Bacho Bowsaw spare blade” because of its multipurpose edge. With its notches and serrated edges, this blade can be used for making precise and heavy duty cuts into both softwood and greenwood without taking damage itself. This is because this blade has been forged to withstand long periods of use and has been specifically designed to cut woods that would be normally around a garden for pruning, such as greenwood and softwood. This blade would be used to cut up stems or branches with around a 2 ½ inch diameter as it would be to make sure your shrubbery or your garden trees are getting their nutrients from the right places and not where they can be damaged. Overall, this pruning saw is a fantastic tool for your garden. Check out our other offers on bowsaws!