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Climbing Equipment

In order to remain safe and work productively, it is essential a climber use the correct and proper tools available! We stock a comprehensive range of equipment from manufacturers such as DMM, Petzl, Rock Exotica, ISC and many more. 

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 There are two types of tree climbing, it can be done as a sport or as part of your job role as an arborist. In order to stay safe amongst the branches you have to ensure you have the correct climbing equipment. We supply a comprehensive range of climbing equipment from manufacturers such as DMM, Petzl, Rock Exotica, ISC and many more. Our climbing supplies will ensure you stay safe and are able to work efficiently and productively.  

 Whether you go up into the trees as part of your job as an arborist, do it as a sport or just for fun, climbing equipment is a necessary part of your climbing kit as it will ensure your safety and prevent you from serious injuries. There are many essential climbing supplies needed to ensure your safety such as ropes, harnesses, Karabiners and many more. As an arborist, climbing equipment should ensure your safety as well as making your job manageable and productive. As a leisurely tree climber you will need climbing supplies that will keep you safe yet are easy to use, as you may not have had the training to use more technical climbing equipment.

We stock an extensive range of climbing equipment perfect for arborists and leisurely tree climbers. Our range includes climbing supplies such as climbing spikes, pulleys, rope, bags, tool strops and many more other products. The climbing equipment is made for comfort and protection as many arborists may be in trees for long periods of time, therefore the equipment has been designed to keep the climber comfortable and the tools made to be used easily and efficiently. This ensures the job can be done smoothly without straining the climber, or putting them in an uneasy position.  

The climbing supplies we stock come from a range of well known, well trusted brands and manufacturers such as Arbpro, DMM and Stein. We also have a selection of rope sizes available which can carry and hold different weights. Our range of climbing equipment products will help aid a climber on their ascent into a tree or the descent back down too, ensuring their safety all the way.

 Our climbing equipment items are the necessary addition to anyone’s tree climbing kits as they ensure your safety from falling and injuring yourself. Our range of climbing supplies come with fast delivery.