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SRT Arborist Tree Climbing Equipment

SRT stands for Single Rope Technique, and it is a method of tree climbing that uses a single rope for both ascending and descending. SRT ascenders are mechanical devices that allow climbers to ascend a rope using their legs.


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SRT techniques are becoming ever more popular. Here at Gustharts we have thrown together products that can be used within this technique. SRT stands for single rope technique so within this section we have a collection of ascenders, base anchors, rope wrench, tethers, ropes and traversing hooks. All of this climbing equipment will help aid a climbers ascend and descend a tree using the single rope technique. SRT has been used for many years in caving, mountaineering and for arborists to access tree canopies.

Our range of SRT products can help arborists and leisurely tree climbers complete the single rope technique safely and efficiently. The single rope technique consists of setting one line in place and by using various techniques being able to ascend and descend down the single rope. Each piece of SRT equipment has been specially designed by leading climbing manufacturers to help arborists not only climb using the single rope technique but to also work within the tree canopy. By using the correct SRT products, the single rope technique can be done not only by arborists but by leisurely climbers as well.

Our range of SRT equipment has been carefully selected to ensure it helps aid arborists and climbers master the single rope technique. To complete the single rope technique you have to use a variety of SRT climbing products such as hand ascenders, foot ascenders, rope wrench, base anchors and specially designed SRT rope. Thanks to the new climbing equipment being introduced within the arborist and tree climbing industry, the single rope technique will become easier and more efficient.

The single rope technique has been around for years and is used within different activities along with tree climbing. Here at Gustharts we have put together a page of all the SRT equipment you will need to ensure a safe single rope technique climb whether you are an arborist or just a leisurely tree climber. The equipment on this page has been designed to help the climber combat the single rope climb safely.

If you would like additional information regarding our SRT products here at Gustharts, feel free to contact a member of our team who can advise you as to what pieces of equipment you will need and offer guidance as to how to combat the single rope technique.