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Working outdoors as a groundsman or arborist can be dangerous and you face many hazards day in, day out. Wearing PPE is necessary to staying safe, this includes face protection and protective eyewear. Not only do you have to protect your face from debris but wearing the PPE also protects you from sun damage.

All of the face and eye protection we have here at Gustharts clip onto a range of helmets we also have in stock. Our range of visors protect your face and eyes from debris created when using a chainsaw and other forms of machinery. Visors are necessary pieces of PPE as they protect your eyesight from being damaged by debris, however you can also use mask visors which protect not only your eyes but your whole face.

At Gustharts we only keep high quality products and our range of face protection and protective eyewear have been manufactured by credible brands including, Arbpro, KASK, MSA, Petzl Vizir and Protos. When working outside the sun is a hazard many people don’t take into consideration, however it is extremely dangerous and over time it can severely damage your health.

Some of our visors not only protect your eyes from debris but can also protect them from the sun. They act as a form of sunglasses, we also recommend getting a peak if your helmet doesn’t already have one as this forms a shadow on your face, protecting your skin from any sun damage.

If you need any help choosing what PPE is right for you, our hands on team is more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding PPE, machinery, clothing and climbing equipment.