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Take a look at our complete range of rigging equipment and get everything you need with our rigging kits such as ropes, plates, rings, carabiners and connectors. You can contact us for our expert advice on our lowering and rigging equipment. Browse through our wide range or lowering and rigging equipment brands online such as DMM, Stein and Rock Exotica.

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Arborist’s jobs can change on a day to day basis. That can include trimming a hedge down to reveal a path or dismantling a tree away from a power line. An arborist’s job can be very dangerous especially when they are doing any tree work. To “Lower” or “Rig”, as it applies to arboriculture, is to use ropes, slings and hardware to remove limbs, dismantle trees and generate mechanical advantage. We stock a broad range of lowering and rigging equipment to maximize arborist productivity and safety.

Arborists know how to look after and care for trees.When it comes to rigging and lowering tree branches, it can be an extremely dangerous task for everyone involved. To ensure the safety of the arborists in the tree and on the ground, rigging equipment is a necessity to any serious arborist company. Our rigging equipment can ensure the safety and protection of arborist workers. This equipment will help control the dismantling of a tree ensuring the whole process goes smoothly and the job is done efficiently. Our lowering equipment will ensure that any branches removed after the rigging process will be lowered from the tree to the ground safely.

Our range of rigging equipment includes ropes, karabiners and connectors, pulleys, and more, from leading brands such as DMM, ISC and Arbpro. Our lowering equipment can hold a variety of weights and can help keep control when lowering branches onto the ground. Our rigging and lowering equipment is there to help aid arborists with these dangerous tasks, by providing the correct equipment which will help ensure the job is done properly and safely without injury. Our lowering device products help to prolong the lifespan of our rigging ropes as this will protect the tree and allows a more efficient removal of wood.

Browse through our range of rigging and lowering equipment and find the perfect tools for your climbing kit. Or just skip a step and go straight to our rigging kits page and find complete climbing kits including rigging equipment online.