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Find your compact and lightweight pulleys and blocks here! Compared to running lines through tree crotches, blocks and pulleys can decrease wear on ropes, reduce dynamic loading and limit damage to the tree. With a host of pulley block designs by brands like Rock Exotica, ISC, DMM and more, you’ll find exactly what you need here. Shop our pulley block collection here online, then browse more of our essentials from our climbing equipment, lowering and rigging equipment, and more online.

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Pulleys are a great piece of climbing equipment as they have a range of benefits and uses. They are generally used by arborists and tree climbers and are most commonly used within the climbing system; however, they can also be used for lowering cut wood out of a tree and safely to the ground. Even though they are small in size, they can carry different weights depending on the pulley you get. You should always check what your pulley is capable of doing before using it as some pulleys are made for different uses within climbing and arborist work.

We have a wide variety of pulleys available at Gustharts all with different features to make tree climbing easier for the arborist on the job. Our range of pulleys have come from leading climbing manufacturers such as DMM, ISC, Rock Exotica, Stein and Teufelberger. The pulleys we supply at Gustharts can hold and carry and range of weights which will be clearly marked on the piece of climbing equipment, therefore, showing you what that pulley is capable of doing whether that’s advancing a climber’s friction hitch, lowering cut wood from a tree or suspending yourself from a tree. Make sure the pulley is capable of doing the job you want it to do.

Compared to running your rigging lines through tree crotches, pulley blocks and rigging pulleys will decrease wear on your ropes, reduce dynamic loading and limit damage to the tree. Pulley blocks have been built to sustain shock loading. These shock loading capabilities mean that if the load free-falls momentarily it will be caught by the block. These pulleys have been built with higher strengths, a larger bend radii, upper sheaves for attaching climbing slings and wide cheek plates to protect the rope from any damage caused by rigging trees. Some of our pulleys also have a swivel function which allows more movement on the rope.

When lowering pieces of wood from a tree you can use a pulley block alone or in pairs, depending on how you have set up your rigging situation. However, you can also use a smaller pulley with a swivel for lowering smaller pieces of wood from a tree. Getting the right pulley for the job is essential as they all have a range of abilities and can be used to complete different arborist tasks or in other general climbing situations. They can also be used by rescue teams for suspending rescued individuals  from heights;  it is always essential to check how much a pulley can carry in weight because you want the pulley to be fit for purpose and safe, no matter what load you add to it.


New pulleys are created every year,  and our team will keep you up to date with what is the best pulley to purchase for the job you want  to do. Our team of qualified professional climbers are on hand to assist you and give your advice of the different rigging pulleys we have in stock at Gustharts.