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Rigging plates are an essential tool in most rigging scenarios. Whether creating balanced and controlled lowering systems or operating complex speedline techniques. Riggins plates allow for direct attachment of textiles as well as karabiners and connectors. Our rigging plate collection is versatile enough to carry an array of varying weights, so you can work efficiently. Shop for your rigging plate here online, then browse our climbing equipment, lowering, and rigging essentials online.

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We have a range of rigging rings and plates available here at Gustharts for all arborists and rescue workers. These pieces of equipment do a variety of jobs when it comes to rigging for arborist or rescue work as they are versatile but can carry a different range of weights depending on what plate or ring you go for. Our range of rigging equipment comes in the form of rings made from Shizll and Arbpro and our plates come in a range of shapes including paw plates and 3D plates, all of which are tried and tested when being manufactured by leading climbing brands.

Here you will find a wide variety of rigging plates and rigging rings ideal for advanced tree rigging and rescue systems. These pieces of equipment are lightweight and, therefore, will not weigh down your climbing equipment bag but they are also extremely strong and versatile. The rigging plates we have available here at Gustharts come in a range of sizes and types. All of our rigging plates and rings have been made by leading climbing manufacturers such as Arbpro, DMM, Petzl, Rock Exotica, Shizll and Stein.

A rigging plate allows you to tie in multiple lines from a single anchor. Some of the rigging plates and rings have a high breaking point, however, you should always check how much the piece of equipment can handle before applying weight. The Petzl Paw, DMM Bat and the Rock Exotica rigging plates come in a range of sizes which allows you to use it as an anchor multiplier which allows you to organise your work area easily with multiple anchor systems. The holes within these plates will accept most carabiners and links.

As you can see, the rigging plates and rings come in a range of styles and getting to know which style of plate or ring can do what is essential for if you want to get the best out of your climbing equipment. For example, the Tree Angel by Stein was designed in Japan. It has been made to act as a quick connection system between rigging lines and slings and is used for lowering multiple limbs from trees using zip lines. Some of the rigging equipment can hold a lot larger weights than others and are used for different parts of the rigging system.


If you are unsure about what the best piece of rigging equipment is for you, then feel free to contact a member of our team as they are more than happy to give you additional information on whether a rigging plate or a rigging ring is what you are looking for. These pieces of climbing equipment are generally used by rescuers and arborists who have to lower and hoist tree limbs (or people) meaning these pieces of equipment are used by professional climbers.