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Arborist Rigging Rope

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Rigging ropes may be one of the most essential tools used by arborists everywhere. Rigging and lowering ropes are used to rig and lower limbs of the tree to the floor safely; therefore, they have to hold hundreds and nearly thousands of pounds of weight and force. Rigging ropes have been specially designed to withstand this force and weight due to the strong material used and the way they have been manufactured.

Double braided lines are just that - a rope inside a rope. The core and cover are balanced and share the loads almost equally. For this reason, they are not recommended for natural-crotch rigging, because the friction of the cover with the tree causes an imbalance in the load taken by the core and cover braids. It is an exceptionally strong and low-stretch line but should be run over smooth sheaves or bollards only. The leading climbing manufacturer who creates the double braids is English Braids and here at Gutharts we have a selection of these ropes that come in a variety of colours, lengths and widths.

Kernmantle working line have a tightly braided cover to protect the load bearing core from abrasion. They have large cover strands for strength and abrasion resistance, and a parallel core to keep the rope round and firm under load. In this construction, the core carries little of the load. These ropes are appropriate for natural-crotch rigging or false-crotch rigging applications. The leading climbing manufacturers who create the kernmantle ropes are Teufelberger and Yale and come in a variety of colours, lengths and widths. These ropes are essential to any arborist as they use them in an important but dangerous aspect of their job, and, therefore, getting the right rope and technique is essential.

An arborist’s work requires skill and technique, and thus making sure you know how to use rigging ropes and lowering ropes is essential to getting the job done safely and efficiently. Climbing equipment is made to make a job easier and safer for the arborist doing the work in the trees. Ensuring you know what climbing equipment is used for what is pivotal  when it comes to rigging and lowering branches from trees as the weight of the branches could be fatal if the technique is done incorrectly.

If you have any questions or want guidance on if it is rigging ropes you need or if lowering ropes are what is missing from your climbing kit, feel free to contact a member of our qualified team here at Gustharts as they are more than happy to help talk you through the different ropes and what benefits they have when doing arborist work.