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Tree climbing pulleys are used mostly by arborists as a way of creating a system for lowering cut wood out of a tree, however pulleys also have other uses when it comes to tree climbing. They are often used as part of the climbing system as the heart of a good double rope climbing system.  We have a wide variety of pulleys available at Gustharts all with different features to make tree climbing easier for the arborist on the job.

Our range of tree climbing pulleys have been made by leading manufacturers such as ART, DMM, Rock Exotica and many more. Pulleys can hold a wide range of weights so an arborist or tree climber should make sure they understand which pulley does what and what weights each type can hold. Certain pulleys will allow a climber to suspend themselves whilst in the tree whereas others should be used for lighter work such as advancing a friction hitch.

Our range of pulleys here at Gustharts can be used by many people such as leisurely climbers, arborists and even rescue teams as pulleys can be used to lift and lower victims during a rescue, to do this, the pulley has to be rated for life support. Our range includes single holed pulleys to three holed pulleys, giving you a variety of choice to choose from depending on what job or task the pulley is needed for.

Pulleys have a range of features that help arborists and tree climbers, these include lifting and lowering pieces of wood from the tree, lowering and lifting rescue victims, advancing a friction hitch and many more. Here at Gustharts we advise that you learn about pulleys and which pulley you will need for what you have in mind. Purchasing the correct pulley is essential to any climber, if you want any guidance as to what pulley would be the correct one for the task in mind, feel free to contact a member of our qualified team.

Tree climbing pulleys are a great piece of any climber’s kit as they vary in what they can do for the climber, and can be used in many different aspects of climbing and arborist work.