All You Need To Know About Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw trousers are an essential part of chainsaw safety equipment and should always be worn when operating chainsaw machinery.

They come in various styles that offer different levels of protection, so knowing what you need is important for getting the job done safely.

At Gustharts, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about chainsaw trousers to help ensure your safety, including how to choose the right chainsaw trousers for your needs.

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How to choose chainsaw trousers

Chainsaw trousers are an essential piece of safety equipment, so ensuring you choose the right pair that suits your needs is crucial. You should consider several factors when choosing a pair of chainsaw trousers.

The main factor you must consider is the level of protection you need when using a chainsaw. Chainsaw trousers are available as either Class A or Class C, both of which offer different levels of protection. With this in mind, you need to consider what kind of protection will be most suitable for you, depending on what kind of activity you will be undertaking.

You should also consider the level of personal comfort and durability you are looking for. Do you want your chainsaw trousers to be lightweight to keep you cool during the summer, or do you need your chainsaw trousers to be stretchy to allow more movement? 

Gustharts has a variety of chainsaw trouser options that are designed with ventilation material to help keep you cool in hot weather. Moreover, all chainsaw trousers at Gustharts are made in accordance with BS EN 381, offering you a high level of protection.

If you plan to use your chainsaw trousers frequently, opting for durability will ensure that you get a pair that will be long-lasting. Those intending to use their chainsaw trousers occasionally may want a pair that prioritises comfort over durability.

What is the difference between Class A and Class C chainsaw trousers?

Class A chainsaw trousers are primarily used by those working on the ground. The design of Class A chainsaw trousers offers protection to only the front of the legs, as protection is only really required in this area when working on the ground. Class A chainsaw trousers are perfect for those working at ground level as they are comfortable and provide movement.

Class C chainsaw trousers offer protection to all areas of the legs. Professionals often use Class C chainsaw trousers to ensure they have full protection. Professional arborists may find themselves in awkward positions when using a chainsaw, so Class C chainsaw trousers are considered the most suitable. If you are inexperienced in using a chainsaw, you may prefer using Class C trousers to ensure maximum protection.

How do chainsaw trousers work?

Leg injuries are the most common when operating a chainsaw, so chainsaw trousers are designed to clog the sprocket of the chainsaw if the blade comes into contact with the trousers.

The trousers are filled with Aramid fibres, which are very strong ballistic fibres. The fibres are designed to be drawn out of the trousers and into the sprocket to help clog it when the chainsaw comes into contact with the trousers’ outer layer.

Clogging the sprocket will jam the chainsaw before it can breach through all layers of the material and stop the chain, reducing the chance of any injury. The jamming of the chain happens extremely quickly once the threads get caught, ensuring they are a highly effective piece of protective equipment.

How long do chainsaw trousers last?

The lifespan of chainsaw trousers depends on the quality of the material and how often you wash them. Chainsaw trousers designed using strong fabrics will also have a longer lifespan. 

It is recommended that you take care of any small holes or tears as soon as you notice them, as they can become large very quickly. The protective material of chainsaw trousers can’t be repaired, so if the protective layer becomes damaged, you must discard your chainsaw trousers straight away.

You should regularly check your chainsaw trousers at the seams for any damage. If you need to repair any damaged seams, use a sewing machine and only sew through the outer layer. You must not modify the protective layer of the trousers.

To help ensure the zipper of your trousers lasts, wash the trousers with the zipper closed. This will prevent any material from clogging the zipper teeth. Never use excessive force on the zipper if it becomes stuck. Instead, find and remove the obstruction of the zipper.

How often should you wash chainsaw trousers?

If you wear your chainsaw trousers fairly often, you should wash them at least once weekly. Washing your chainsaw trousers once a week will help to clean out breathable areas and prevent a build-up of bacteria.

If you do not wash your chainsaw trousers regularly enough, the protection they offer will begin to reduce. Sweat, chain oil and other substances will eventually build up and damage your fibres, making your chainsaw trousers less effective.

Air drying is always recommended for chainsaw protective equipment, as spin or tumble drying can damage your clothing and machine.

Find the right chainsaw trousers for you at Gustharts

Gustharts has several high-quality chainsaw trousers to help ensure your safety when operating machinery. 

If you are primarily working on ground areas, our Type A Chainsaw Trousers are the perfect protective clothing for you. For more experienced arborists who may find themselves working at awkward angles, our Type C Chainsaw Trousers will provide you with the utmost protection.

Looking for more protective equipment to ensure you are always safe when using machinery? Why not browse the latest range of climbing or groundsman helmets?

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