How To Keep Safe While Using Garden Machinery

Keeping your garden tidy requires a lot of maintenance, often with garden machinery. Using garden machinery can be dangerous if certain tools are not used correctly.

Here at Gustharts, we’ve covered everything you need to know regarding  keeping safe whilst using garden machinery.

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Essentials of using garden machinery

Each piece of garden machinery has its way to use safely. However, there are some essentials of gardening safety that everyone should know and implement.

Wear protective clothing

Protecting yourself with protective clothing is one of the most important things to do when gardening. Wearing long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers is recommended, as doing this will protect you from insect bites or chemicals touching your skin. Long-sleeved clothing will also shield you from any sunburn.

Other clothing items such as safety goggles or visors, gloves and sturdy shoes or boots are highly recommended when operating garden machinery. Safety goggles and visors will protect you from any potential kickback of branches when using a chainsaw or hedge trimmer. Wear gloves at all times when handling garden machinery.

Gloves will protect you from sustaining any cuts and give you a stronger grip on any machinery you use. Try to acquire a pair of steel toe-capped boots, as they will offer better protection if you drop any objects on your foot and give you a sturdy grip on any uneven surfaces.

Other essential tips to know

Whilst wearing certain clothing items gives you a layer of protection whilst gardening, other essential tips come as an initiative.

For whichever job you undertake, making sure you use the appropriate tools is necessary. Trimming down a tree with a grass strimmer seems impossible and probably not something you should be carrying out.

Never leave sharp objects unattended, and always unplug electrical tools if you are not using them. Removing sharp objects from the area you are working removes any immediate danger to children who may fall and hurt themselves. If left plugged in, electrical tools could also be a hazard for children and a huge energy consumer.

If your garden is frozen or the weather is harsh, avoid doing any gardening. Handling garden machinery on slippery surfaces could end in a potential accident. The final but most important tip is always to consult your instructions. If you need help with how to use a specific tool, consult your instructions instead of using it blindly, increasing the risk of injuring yourself.

Safety tips for garden machinery tools

You may now know about the essentials of using garden machinery. However each piece of equipment is different. Knowing how to use each piece of garden machinery is just as important as the essentials.


Chainsaws are a very efficient piece of garden machinery, but they can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. Always be aware of your surroundings when using a chainsaw, as you don’t want to catch someone accidentally. Never leave a chainsaw running unattended to avoid injuring yourself or anyone nearby.

When operating a chainsaw the recommended PPE that should be considered is Chainsaw protective trousers, Chainsaw protective boots, Chainsaw protective Gloves and a helmet with ear defenders, safety goggles, or a visor. A hard hat and safety goggles will shield you from debris, whilst ear defenders will protect your ears against the noise of the chainsaw. Trousers, boots and gloves give that extra level of protection when cutting with a chainsaw.  Remember, no PPE will offer 100% protection and safe operation should be considered at all times!

Unless professionally trained, never operate a chainsaw while climbing a tree or ladder. Operating a chainsaw at a height is extremely difficult and could result in serious injury if you are not qualified to do so.


Lawnmowers are a common household appliance. However they still pose a threat if used incorrectly. Before mowing your lawn, make sure to clear any debris. Mowing over loose branches or rocks can cause the mower to kick them up, potentially causing injury to someone.

If the grass is wet, avoid mowing your lawn. Wet grass can get stuck and block your mower, causing it to overheat, which could cause a fire or burn the person using it. To solve this problem, turn off the lawnmower before removing the casing and clearing the debris.

Never pull back on the lawnmower when mowing your lawn. Pushing the lawnmower means you are in control of where it goes. If you slip whilst pulling back on the lawnmower, you could pull it over yourself, causing serious injury.

Hedge trimmers

When using hedge trimmers, wear protective clothing to help protect you from any debris that may come off the hedge. Before trimming, remove any debris that may get caught in the trimmer to avoid any potential injuries. Keep the cord out of the way while trimming to ensure you don’t trip, and hold the trimmer with both hands to sustain a measured level of control over the trimmer.

Grass strimmers

As always, when operating gardening equipment, ensure that you wear a suitable level of protective clothing. Always be aware of your surroundings when using a grass strimmer to minimise the risk of hurting others. Wear a strimmer harness to help support the weight of the strimmer, enabling you to manoeuvre the machine easier and making gardening safer. Never operate the strimmer above your head, as you could drop the strimmer and seriously injure yourself.

Garden shredders

You’re probably tired of reading about protective clothing, but the importance of it cannot be understated. Garden shredders are no exception. When shredding material, ensure that you place your garden shredder in a suitable place. Garden shredders need to be placed on a firm surface with adequate ventilation in an area where nobody will be affected by the discharge chute.

You should never force the material through a garden shredder and only shred material that the shredder is suitable for. Doing either of these things could result in unnecessary strain on the machine or a blockage. If your garden shredder does become blocked, never try to unblock it yourself, especially where there are moving parts. To clear a blockage, you can put the machine in reverse or turn off the machine and loosen the debris with a long implement.

Stay safe with garden machinery with Gustharts

Following the safety tips from this guide will help you know how to use several pieces of garden machinery safely. Why don’t you make a start on your garden by browsing Gustharts’ range of garden machinery?

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