How To Keep Your Garden In Top Condition With A Grass Strimmer

Keeping your garden in top condition requires regular maintenance, ensuring your lawn and shrubbery do not become overgrown.

A grass strimmer is a fantastic piece of garden machinery to cut back long grass and give your lawn a nice edging.

Here at Gustharts, we want to advise you on how to use a grass strimmer efficiently to keep your garden in top condition. From how to prepare your grass before cutting to what type of grass trimmer to invest in, read on!

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Petrol or battery grass strimmers?

​​Both petrol and battery grass strimmers have their benefits. Here, we’ve covered the ins and outs of these popular trimmer types to help you identify the best one for your requirements.

Petrol grass strimmers

Petrol grass strimmers are a great long-term investment and usually last longer than battery grass strimmers if cared for properly. They can be easily transported as cables do not restrict them and do not require mains electricity to run. Moreover, petrol grass strimmers are ideal for tough jobs around the garden, which may require a substantial amount of time to complete.

However, if you live in an urban area, you may need to consider your neighbours, as petrol strimmers are quite noisy and can cause a distraction. Ear protection is recommended when operating a petrol strimmer. 

Grass strimmers that use petrol also require a lot of maintenance and can stop working altogether if neglected for a long time. They may cause stress on your arms and wrists, as they are generally quite heavy to operate.

Battery grass strimmers

Battery grass strimmers are suitable for all homeowners as they are low maintenance and fairly lightweight. They are ideal if you live in an urban area, as they are fairly quiet, so will not distract your neighbours. 

Moreover, battery grass strimmers are most suitable for trimming around your garden, don’t produce harmful emissions, and will not require the same level of maintenance as petrol strimmers.

What battery grass strimmer should I buy?

If you are looking for a grass strimmer to use regularly, a strimmer with low wattage is ideal. Higher-watt strimmers are designed to tackle thick grass, whereas low-watt trimmers are ideal for regular trimming. 

Most battery strimmers require a cable to connect to a power source, resulting in them being restricted in how far they can reach. However, cordless grass strimmers have become increasingly popular as they are not dependent on a power source and can help to reduce air pollution.

The best grass strimmer for you will depend on your garden’s unique needs and requirements, so it’s important to consider your garden size and where you want to trim for the best results.

What to do before using a grass strimmer

Before using a grass strimmer, you must have all the necessary protective equipment, including gloves, eye and ear protection, shoes and full-length trousers. This is vital to preventing injuries when using a grass strimmer. 

Next, clear away any loose debris, such as sticks and stones, from your garden, as loose debris could cause injury or damage to property. Ensure you thoroughly check for and remove any debris that could get flung by your strimmer. Be aware of your surroundings when using a grass strimmer to ensure you don’t hit any garden furniture or ornaments.

Finally, look out for any trip hazards and keep away from the spool of the strimmer, as you could suffer serious injury if you come into contact with it. As the grass strimmer is a heavy piece of garden machinery, it is recommended that you take regular breaks to ensure you are operating the strimmer at full capacity.

How to edge a garden border with a grass strimmer

You can use a grass strimmer to create a crisp line along the edge of any patio or walkway to give your garden a professionally landscaped look. Turn your strimmer 90 degrees so the spinning line spins from top to bottom, ensuring that the strimmer shield points upwards and the string spins away from you to protect yourself from debris.

Lower the strimmer until you come into contact with the grass on the edge of your walkway or patio. Slowly walk along the border edge until you reach the end. Moving too quickly when trimming could create a messy border that won’t look aesthetically pleasing. If you begin to feel strain on your back, take a break or rest the strimmer’s shaft on your shoulder to alleviate the weight.

How to cut long grass with a garden strimmer

When cutting long grass with a garden strimmer, you should angle the strimmer head towards the ground and use a smooth scything motion, trimming from left to right in an arc. 

You should only cut one-third of the grass height at a time to ensure you don’t damage your garden’s ability to recover. Once you have cut a third of the grass height, water your garden well and leave it to recover for about a week.

Repeat this process until you reach an ideal lawn mower height before raking out any remaining weeds. After mowing your lawn, allow any cuttings to naturally add nutrients to the garden to ensure maximum health. You may sometimes need a brushcutter to clear away tough or very long grass.

Keep your garden in top shape with Gustharts

This guide will give you advice on how to use a grass strimmer correctly to help maintain your garden and create an aesthetically pleasing landscape. 

Gustharts has several items of protective clothing, from gloves, eye and ear protection, shoes and full-length trousers, to ensure maximum safety when operating machinery.

Or, if you’re looking for more garden machinery and tools to help you keep your garden in perfect condition, why not browse the latest range of lawnmowers and rakes?

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